Elegance meets comfort: Over the Knee Boots

Boots above the knee have been ranking among the most useful shoes during the cold season in the last years. Perfect to keep your legs warm without compromising elegance: they can be used with skirts and dresses even during mid-winter.

Commonly known as cuissard and over-the-knee (OTK for brevity), this style of boots have become a must-have for every woman in her shoe rack. Their versatility is another reason of this success, since they really lend themselves to many different combinations: from the most sporty with jeans and leggings to the more classic and elegant.

The total black style exponentially increases the possibilities to use them for all winter outfits, or to wear them with colored garments, especially the green ones, to illuminate the look by highlighting both legs and shoes.

Total Black Over the Knee Boots

Among the new OTK boots, we suggest the one made of suede[1] and stretch fabric[2], to make the perfect fit, adherent to the right point and very comfortable: the leg does not fall either on the bare leg or on nylon stockings, does not tighten and it's also suitable for muscular calves that often have difficulty wearing over-the-knee.

The heel with a maximum size of about 9 cm, although not very high slender legs and is quite comfortable and therefore it also becomes pleasant to use them daily. The reason for the explosion of this new trend is simple: the elastic boots, tight as stockings with heels, are almost transformed into tights, allowing you to play with different lengths and layering.

In short, the best boot of the moment for everyday use! Head over to Shoemondo to find your next favourite pair of OTK.

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